Shadow on the Sand


You are stripped of your Backpack, your Weapons, your Gold Crowns, and all of your Special Items. (Make all the necessary adjustments to your Action Chart, but note your lost possessions elsewhere in case you find them again later.) Your hands are tied behind your back and you are pushed head-first into the waiting carriage. ‘Back to the palace!’ commands Maouk as he climbs aboard and slams the door. ‘The Zakhan awaits his prize.’

You fight to free the cords that bind you, but Maouk is quick to see the danger. He grabs your arm and forces a dart into your skin. As sleep engulfs your senses, you hear Maouk’s wicked laughter fading into the silence.

Make a necessary adjustments to your Action Chart, and list all the items that you have had confiscated on a separate piece of paper, for reference in case you should discover them later in your adventure.

Turn to 69.

Project AonShadow on the Sand