The Kingdoms of Terror


The courtyard of the Kai Monastery is strangely silent the morning you begin the quest. A blanket of frost sparkles on the battlements and the air is crisp and clear as you guide your horse down the steep hill track that disappears into the Fryelund Forest. It is only a little later when you look back to see the tall grey towers of your stronghold silhouetted against the sky. You bid a silent farewell before entering the densely packed trees. You do not look back again.

The long ride south is not without incident. On Raider’s Road, the highway between the capital and the province of Ruanon, you are confronted by a ragged outlaw band. They demand gold but instead receive a harsh lesson in the powers of a Kai Master. You fight them and they flee in confusion, leaving three of their number dead on the highway. After this encounter, you are given a wide berth by all the other unsavoury characters of this bleak and desolate region.

In Ruanon, you are greeted with a hero’s welcome by the lord of the land, Baron Vanalund. He and his people will never forget the debt they owe you, for it was your courage that once saved them from destruction at the hands of an evil renegade warlord. You are made so welcome by the Ruanese that your quest is in danger of being forgotten in the endless round of banquets and celebrations held in your honour. However, you cannot neglect your duty, and the time soon comes for you to leave the mining town and venture south once more.

Long ago, the highway from Ruanon to Quarlen was torn in two by a terrible earthquake that scarred the land for hundreds of miles. This deep crevasse became known as the Maakengorge—the Chasm of Doom—for its fathomless depths are cursed with a dreadful legacy. It was here, during the Age of the Black Moon, that King Ulnar killed the mightiest of the Darklords—Lord Vashna, whose body, along with the bodies of all his followers, was cast down into its bottomless reach. The legends say that his death-cry will echo through the gorge until he rises again to wreak his vengeance on Sommerlund and the House of Ulnar.

You are eager to avoid the Chasm of Doom and the long detour to the free city-state of Casiorn is a far better prospect than a visit to the ghost-city of Maaken. Gradually, the fertile plain of southern Ruanon gives way to the sparse vegetation on the borders of the Dry Main. There, like a jewel rising out of the desert, lies the city-state of Casiorn. Your stay in the City of Merchants is a brief but profitable one; a piece of luck helped by your Kai skills gives a profitable win at the gambling house of the Silver Sage. With the gold you win you replenish your supplies and purchase a fresh mount for your ride to Quarlen.


A week later, you arrive safely at the outskirts of Quarlen and, in the evening twilight, find yourself gazing upon the fortified wall that surrounds this river town. To reach Varetta you must cross the river—and only here, at Quarlen, is there a bridge that spans the fast-flowing waters of the Quarl. The highway divides as it approaches the town wall, for there are two gates that provide access to its east side.

If you have the Magnakai Discipline of Pathsmanship, turn to 308.

If you wish to approach the north gate, turn to 137.

If you wish to approach the south gate, turn to 225.

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