Jun 2017 – The survey on algorithms for IMU in motion reconstruction has been published on MDPI Sensor together with the dataset (PDF Code (github) Dataset (Zenodo))
Apr 2017 – The paper entitled “A Stereo-Panoramic Telepresence System for Construction Machines” has been accepted to the FAIM 2017 Conference. In this work we present the activity performed with Yanmar Research Europe (link)
Feb 2017 – The Course on Computer Vision for Human and Robots just started (link)
Feb-Apr 2017 – Three review of European Projects are coming, one per month RAMCIP, PELARS and REMEDI. Busy time ahead!
Jan 2017 – The paper entitled “Characterization of the Disruption of Neural Control Strategies for Dynamic Fingertip Forces from Attractor Reconstruction” has been accepted by PLOS One. Well done Lorenzo. This brings me to Erdos 5: Cuevas, Guckenheimer, Misiurewicz, Bergelson.

Oct. 2016 – The paper on mapping human motion to Humanoid robots has been accepted by IEEE Humanoids 2016 “Multi-Contact Motion Retargeting from Human to Humanoid Robot“.
Sep. 2016 – Our paper on “Self-organizing trajectories” with my former PhD student Leonard Johard has been accepted by the Pattern Recognition Letters (here)
Sep. 2016 – Speaking at the IEEE MISS 2016 – Medical Informatics Summer School in Puglia with a talk entitled “Wearable body tracking for Occupational Biomechanics and Telemedicine”
Sep. 2016 – The Compact Components framework repository is out on github
Jul. 2016 – Public event for the termination of the SMOOTI Project about Occupational Biomechanics funded by Telecom Italia
Jul. 2016 – Speaking at the seminar “Personal injury damages compensation and biomechanics” at SSSA on the topic “Occupational Biomechanics and Virtual Ergonomy”

May. 2016 – Our poster on Sensorimotor Control dynamics and Strength dexterity test has been accepted at the Neuromechanics 2016 workshop, in collaboration with Prof. Valero-Cuevas.
May. 2016 – The paper about ArchGenTool for collaborative architecture design in robotics has been accepted at 21st IEEE MMAR, in collaboration with CERTH.
May. 2016 – The work in collaboration with Prof. Rizzolatti group on Vitality Forms, related to mirror neurons, has been accepted on the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience
Mar. 2016 – We hosted Prof. Valero Cuevas (USC) giving a talk on “A computational approach to the neural control of limbs” before the PhD defense of Lorenzo Peppoloni

Journal Papers under Review

  • Frontiers in Psychology – Vitality Forms and Autistic Children (continues this)
  • IEEE THMS – Haptic Tele-ecography Assessment (related to ReMeDi project)
  • IEEE THMS – AR for Tele-control in Industrial Assembly (continues this)
  • IEEE TAFFC – Assessment of Emotion Recognition  in VE (related to this)
  • Sensors – Inertial Motion Review (related to this research line)
  • IEEE Sensors – Energy harvesting using MFC patch